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Plate Tectonics Articles
The following geology web pages were developed by Cochise College students.
Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

plate tectonics
           Continental Drift-
Theresa Tate (Spring 2008)
           The Nazca Plate- Sonia Etzweiler (Spring 2015)

Hawaiian Hotspot-  James Patterson (Fall 2008)      
           Plate Tectonics- Erik Anderson  (Spring 2006)
Jason Cross  (Spring 2006)
           The Puerto Rico Trench- Jose A Hance (Fall 2011)

           Is California Falling into the Ocean?-
                        Kelsey Rasmussen  (Fall 2006)
           Andreas Fault-Divisions Among Us-
                        Victoria Hermosilla  (Spring 2007)
           Types of Tectonic Borders-
                        Shannon Bruce Lee (Spring 2009)