Plate Boundaries Using Google Earth                      
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Roger Weller, geology instructor 
last edited:  3/22/18 

     All of the following view and coordinates were obtained from Google Earth. 
The educational goal for this website is to provide a more detailed source of
visual information on the main aspects of plate tectonics. 

Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Trench

Continental Crust Separating
     East Africa Rift Zone  (2 views)
     Great Basin- Nevada  (3 views)
     Rio Grande Rift- New Mexico   (3 views)
Ocean Crust Separating
     Red Sea-Africa  (3 views)
     Gulf of California  (4 views)
     Mid-Atlantic Ridge  (3 views)

     Iceland (4 views)

Ocean Crust to Ocean Crust
Aleutian Islands- Alaska  (3 views)
     Indonesia-Java Trench  (4 views)
     Japanese Islands  (3 views)
     Caribbean Islands- Puerto Rico Trench  (4 views)

Ocean Crust to Continental Crust
     Andes Mountains- South America  (2 views)
Andes Mountains: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mines    (111 views)
Continental Crust to Continental Crust
     Himalaya Mountains- Asia  (3 views)
     Appalachian Mountains- USA  (5 views)

     Ural Mountains- Russia  (8 views)

    San Andreas Fault- California  (4 views)

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