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            Solar and Planetary Temperatures

                           Temperatures you usually have a hard time finding


Information about the Earth:

       Earth's interior temperature:  7500 degrees Kelvin

       radius of the Earth:  6.37 x 103 km

       mass of the Earth:  5.97 x 1024 km

       radius of Earth’s orbit around the sun:  1.50 x 108 km


Information about the Sun:

       sunspot temperatures: 3800 degrees Kelvin

       photosphere: 5800 degrees Kelvin

       interior of the sun: 15.6 million degrees Kelvin

       solar energy output: 386 x 1018 megawatts

       pressure in the interior of the sun: 250 billion atmospheres

       700 million tons of hydrogen is converted to 695 million
       tons of helium per second.

       radius of the sun: 6.95 x 105 km

       mass of the sun:  2.00 x 1030 kg