Paper Airplanes- The Acrobat
 Cochise College   
 Roger Weller   ( )                        
 edited:  4/14/15

Acrobat Paper Airplane

copyright- Roger Weller 2011


This is an unusual design because it only uses one half of a standard sheet
of paper.  I named it the "Acrobat" because of its unusual flight characteristics.

It loops, curves, flies upside down or right side up.  When it hits a wall, it flips
and flies in the opposite direction.  This is a great paper airplane for flying
inside a building.  Another nice feature is that it does not have a sharp point
that could injure someone.

1. half sheet of paper !                                                                    
Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e1a.jpg      

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e1b.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e2a.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e2b.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e3a.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e3b.jpg

7.  Important step!  Cut is at a 60 degree angle,
leaving about one half inch of the wing tip not cut.

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e4a.jpg

8. Another important step. The width of the body of the airplane
is one half of the length of the front flat edge.

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e4b.jpg

9. Fold the wing tips down.

Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e5b.jpg


Description: C:\Users\Roger\Desktop\acrobat\e5c.jpg

When the body of the airplane is pinched shut,  The wings should be in a
slight "Y" shape. When the plane is released this will allow the airplane body
to slightly expand, causing the wings to be neatly horizontal.  It not horizontal
when released the airplane will have a tendency to fly upside down.