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                  Physics Educational Resources

History of Physics Education
        New Laboratory Experiments in Practical Physics
            by N. Henry Black, 1931 (entire book-262 pages)

Search for the Nature of Matter
    web links

               neutrino structure
               photon structure
               electron structure
               proton structure
       particle physics data
subatomic particle masses (2006)
               summary short list of particle masses
               list of fundamental constants                 
 Roger Weller's Proposed Modification of the Standard Model
papers posted on
                1.  A Proposed Modification of the Standard Model
                2.  Schematic Diagrams Illustrating Baryon Content
                     and Decay Patterns Using New Configurations
                3.  Support for the Validity of the New Smaller Radius
                     of the Electron
    4.  Illustrations of a modified Standard Model:
                     Part 1- The Solar Proton-Proton Cycle  (2/23/14)
                5.  Illustrations of a Modified Standard Model:
                     Part 2- The Pion/Muon Decays and the Neutrino Detector
                     Nuclear Reactions (3/10/14)
  Empirical Formulas for Rest-Mass Energies of Sub-Atomic Particles
                7.  Empirical Formulas for Masses of Subatomic Particles, Part 2- A Closer Look

Applied Physics
  aerodynamics-paper airplane designs by Roger Weller
Modified Standard Model
               Best Paper Airplane
               Flying Diamond

    rubber band powered model airplanes by Armand J. La Berge, 1935
Midget Flyer
               Junior Endurance Flyer  
               Bryant Flyer
               Twin Skiiplane
               Sky Speed Twin
               White Bird
               Champion Flyer

        kite designs by Armand J. La Berge, 1935
French War Kite
               Box Kite
               Box Kite with Wings
               Novelty Kite

Difficult to Locate Measurements and Values
       astronomy data
               Basic Astronomy data-1 mass and size
               Basic Astronomy data-2 gravity effects

       Table of Heat Capacities
                Home Energy Costs

Gasoline to Carbon Dioxide

                How Cold Is It? (humorous)
Solar and Planetary Temperatures

Misc. Physics Aids

               Rules for Solving Word Problems