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Roger Weller, geology instructor


                              How Cold Is It?

Fahrenheit         Celsius        Kelvin                        Effects

                  70                        21                294                   Yuma residents turn on the heat.

               40                          4                278                   Phoenix residents shiver
                                                                                        Wisconsin residents go swimming.

               35                          2                274                  Italian cars donít start.

               32                          0                273                  Fresh water freezes.

               30                         -1                272                  You can see your breath.  You plan your vacation to Australia.
                                                                                         Wisconsinites put on T-shirts.
                                                                                         Politicians begin to worry about the homeless.

               25                         -4                269                  Californians weep pitiably.  Wisconsinites eat ice cream.
                                                                                        Canadians go swimming.
                                                                                        Cat insists on sleeping on your bed with you.

               20                         -7                266                  You can hear your breath. 
                                                                                         Politicians begin to talk about the homeless.
                                                                                         Miami residents plan vacations further south.

               15                         -9                264                  You plan a trip to southern Mexico.
                                                                                         Cat insists on sleeping in bed with you.

               10                       -12                261                  Too cold to snow. 
                                                                                         You need jumper cables to get the car going.
                5                        -15                258                   All water pipes in Bisbee are frozen solid. 

                0                        -18                255                  Salt water freezes.  American cars donít start.
                                                                                         Alaskans put on T-shirts.
                                                                                         Ice is so cold that it has a metallic sound.

             -15                       -26                 247                   You crawl into a freezer to warm up.
                                                                                          Miami residents cease to exist.

             -20                       -29                 244                   Cat insists on sleeping in your pajamas with you.
                                                                                          Politicians actually do something about the homeless.

             -25                       -32                 241                  Too cold to think.
                                                                                          You need jumper cables to get the driver going.   

             -30                       -34                 239                   Japanese cars donít start.
                                                                                          You trip over your cat outside and it breaks.
                                                                                          You decide not to carry coins in your pocket.

             -40                       -40                 233                   Californians disappear.  Wisconsinites button top shirt buttons.
                                                                                          Canadians put on sweaters.
                                                                                          Mercury freezes solid.

             -50                       -45                 228                   Congressional hot air freezes.
                                                                                          Alaskans close bathroom windows.

             -80                       -62                 211                   Hell freezes over.
                                                                                          Polar bears move south.
                                                                                          Wind-chill factor in Chicago before it really gets cold.
                                                                                          Carbon dioxide freezes (car exhaust is solid).

           -400                     -240                   33                   Atmosphere freezes and lies on ground as powder.