The Search for Electron Structure
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edited:  2/23/18

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Substructure of the Electron- Dr. Christoph Caesar

The Apparent Mystery of the Electron ***
Dr. Albert Giese

The Evolving Portrait of the Electron- The Reference Frame

Recent Developments in the Theory of The Electron
Victor F. Weisskopf- 1949

Limit on Electron Substructure

Electron- Wikipedia

Electrons Can Split into Two- Gizmodo

Electron No Longer a Fundamental Particle?
David Dilworth

Some Remarks about Mass and Zitterbewegung Substructure of Electron
P.Brovetto, V. Maxia, M. Salis

So What are Electrons Really? tag Archives

Probe for Electron Substructure

Sub-Structure of Electron Based on Gravitational Interaction
Rhit Gunturi

Beyond Uncertainty: The Internal Structure of Electrons and Photons
W.A. Hofer

The Fine Structure Constant and Electron (g-2) Factor
Nick Hutzler

A Model of the Electron

The Electron Is a Charged Photon ***
Richard Gauthier

The Electric Charge Distribution Inside the Electron

Contrasting Internal Structures: Photon and Electron
Pons, D.J.

Helical Model of the Electron ***
Oliver Consa