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The following collection of Internet links provides a
detailed source of information on all topics covered
in a typical Physical Geology course. 
Links were chosen for their clarity and usefulness. 
Multiple links were developed for each topic because
links come and go
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Chapter 1-    Welcome to Planet Earth

Chapter 2-    Atoms, Crystals, Minerals, and Gems
Chapter 2a-  Common Minerals
Chapter 2b-  Physical Properties

Chapter 3-    Igneous Minerals and Rocks

Chapter 4a-  Types of Volcanism

Chapter 4b-  Volcanism USA

Chapter 4c-  Volcanism Outside of USA

Chapter 4d-  Plutons

Chapter 5-    Weathering and Soils

Chapter 6-    Sedimentary Rocks

Chapter 7-    Metamorphic Rocks

Chapter 8-    Geologic Time

Chapter 9-    Mass Wasting

Chapter 10-  Streams and Rivers

Chapter 11-  Groundwater and Caves

Chapter 12-  Glaciers

Chapter 13-  Wind and Deserts

Chapter 14-  Waves and Beaches
Chapter 15-  Earthquakes
Chapter 16-  Internal Structure of the Earth
Chapter 17-  Folds and Faults

Chapter 18-  Plate Tectonics

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