Chapter 18-Plate Tectonics

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Alfred Wegener
Alfred Wegener
Alfred Wegener, 1880-1930
handout on plate tectonics
Harry Hess
Hess proposes seafloor spreading
Vine and Matthew
magnetic bands provide evidence of seafloor spreading
magnetic stripes
J. Tuzo Wilson
USGS-J. Tuzo Wilson

evidence for continental drift
fossil correlation
continental drift
photo of glossopteris   Cochise College
polar wandering
polar wander
rock sequences

seafloor spreading
age of seafloor
age of the ocean floor *
images of crustal ages of the seafloor *
age of the ocean floor plates *
hydrothermal vents
hydrothermal vents
hydrothermal vents-Wikipedia
hydrothermal vent communities
oceanic ridges
mid-ocean ridges
mid-ocean ridge-Wikipedia
spreading rates
spreading rates: Mid-Atlantic ridge
Wilson cycle
Wilson cycle

oceanic ridges
Juan de Fuca Ridge

Juan de Fuca Ridge volcanics
CVO-Juan de Fuca Ridge
Juan de Fuca subduction
Mid Atlantic Ridge
Mid Atlantic Ridge topography
USGS-Mid Atlantic Ridge
topography of the ocean floor *

evidence for plate tectonics
earthquake distribution
USGS-earthquake distribution
magnetic anomalies
magnetic anomalies explained *
anomalies in the oceanic crust
bar magnet and iron filings
Earth’s magnetic field
East Pacific Ridge anomalies
magnetic patterns on the seafloor
magnetic stripes and isotopic dates
rock magnetism and seafloor spreading
satellite measurements
satellite measurements
volcano distribution
plate tectonics
moving mountains *
continental drift and seafloor spreading
tectonic cycles-illustrations
ABCs of plate tectonics
USGS-This Dynamic Earth
climatic effects
When the Earth shifted gears
convection-driving forces
experimental tectonics

plate tectonics using wax
geologic hazards
plate tectonics and people
names of plates
plate tectonics
What is a tectonic plate?
plate movements
plate motion animation
geology: plate tectonics
Earth’s interior and plate tectonics
Grand Canyon and continental drift
understanding plate motions-USGS *
Paleomap project *
topography of the earth
topography of a spreading ridge
global seafloor topography

convergent margins
convergence and collision
the continental crunch
plate tectonics lecture
plate boundaries
Aleutian Islands
Aleutian Islands-article
USGS-Alaska volcanoes
island arc formation
subduction zone volcanism
Alpine geology
geology of the Alps
South American volcanoes
radar images of the Andes
Benioff zone
Benioff zone-definition
deep quakes in Washington and Oregon
Benioff zone-illustration and explanation
Cascade Mountains
plate tectonics and the Cascades
Himalaya Mountains
Himalayas-Power Point
Himalayas from Space
India and the Himalayas
Mount Everest
island arcs
island arc cross section
subduction zones and island arcs
subduction zone volcanism
Japanese Islands
USGS-Japanese volcanoes
subduction zone
subduction zone diagram
subduction zone studies
subduction zone volcanism
West Indies
West Indies volcanoes

divergent margins
crustal extension
crustal extension-western USA
Dead Sea Rift
Dead Sea-Wikipedia
East African Rift Valley
Great Rift Valley-Wikipedia
East Africa Rift Valley-USGS
Gulf of California
Gulf of California rifting
Baja California microplate *
history of the Gulf of California
a tour of some Iceland geology
Red Sea
satellite photo of Red Sea
satellite photo of Red Sea-2
Rio Grande Rift
Rio Grand rift system
Rio Grande rif
t map
triple junction

triple junction-Wikipedia

transform margins
San Andreas fault
mountain maker, earth shaker
Los Angeles and the San Andreas fault
transform faults
anomalies offset by faults
transform faults-illustration
transform faults-direction *

hot spots
cartoon of hot spot
USGS-hot spots
raising hot spots
New England hot spot chain
distribution of hot spots
Galapagos Islands
geology of the Galapagos
Hawaiian Islands
Hawaiian volcanic chain
Hawaiian island chain map
USGS-hot spots
raising hot spots
geology of Iceland
mantle plumes
fossil mantle plume under South America
mantle plumes
Siberian traps
Yellowstone caldera
Snake River plain and the Yellowstone hot spot *
Yellowstone hot spot map *

Yellowstone National Park geology map -Cochise College