Chapter 13-Wind and Deserts

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Overview Lecture on Erosion

aeolian processes
wind erosion
alluvial fan
alluvial fans-Albuquerque
alluvial fans-outline
USGS-Death Valley alluvial fans
USGS-photos of alluvial fans- *
Horseshoe Park alluvial fan-photos
Arizona Office of Arid Land Studies
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
home page-ASDM
Badlands National Park-Power Point
Badland National Park-home page
USGS-geology of Badlands National Park
geology of the Badlands National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Bryce Canyon Hoodoos
bajada-Death Valley *
bajada formation *
blowouts-wind erosion
blowouts- *
wind as a geologic agent
USGS-eolian processes

     overview lectures
USGS-deserts-geology and resources
wind and deserts-Colorado
arid areas
arid landforms
types of deserts
     types of deserts
USGS-types of deserts
world deserts
     Death Valley
Death Valley-alluvial fans
Death Valley-alluvial fan photo
Death Valley National Park
field trip-Death Valley
geology field trip to Death Valley
     Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia
humming across the Empty Quarter
Rub al-Khali
     Gobi desert
Gobi desert photos
     Mojave desert
geology of the Mojave National Preserve
about the Mojave desert
Mojave desert
The Mojave desert page
     Namib desert
Namib desert-dunes
Namib desert region
Namib desert-photos
Namib desert-photos-2
     Sahara desert
Sahara desert-radar imaging
Sahara desert-size fluctuations
Sahara desert-sand dunes *
     Sonoran desert
El Camino del Diablo
Sonoran Desert-photos

desertification links
USGS- desertification
desertification of arid lands
desertification-a threat to the Sahel
     desert pavement
desert pavement-photo
desert pavement-photo-3
desert pavement-photo-4
desert pavement-photo-5
     desert varnish
desert pavement and varnish
desert varnish-definition
origin of desert varnish-lecture
desert varnish-summary

dust bowl
The Dust Bowl
NASA-Dust Bowl
drought and the Dust Bowl
timeline of the dust bowl
dust devil
dust devils on Mars
dust devil trails on Mars
tall dust devil on Mars
detecting dust devils on Mars
dust storms
China’s dust storms
dust storm in Pakistan-photo *
dust storm safety
dust storms on Mars
NOAA-dust storms
ephemeral stream
dry wash-Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon hoodoos- Power Point
Bryce Canyon
-Cochise College
Bryce Canyon hoodoos
the geology of Bryce Canyon
waterfall hoodoos
how to pronounce loess
what is loess?
pediment-Mojave desert
playa lake
rain shadow desert
USGS-types of deserts
Mojave desert
sand blasting
sand blasting-definition
sand blasting in the Antarctic
weathering by wind and sand
weathering- see last photo in set

sand dunes
     overview lectures
types of dunes
USGS-types of dunes
geological processes
principles of geomorphology
remote sensing tutorial
sand dunes-a phenomenon of wind
types of dunes
barchan dune in Peru
ancient barchan dune
     climbing dunes
summary-climbing dunes
climbing dune-photo
climbing dune-Peru
Zion National Park-K.Kelley
summary-dome dunes
dome dunes-White Sands, New Mexico
     linear sand dunes
geology of sand dunes
types of dunes
     longitudinal dune
Rio Chasma longitudinal dune
Cerro Manchan-longitudinal dune
Cerro Manchan-longitudinal dune-2
     parabolic dunes
     saltating sand
city swallowing sand dunes
White Sands National Monument
how do the sand dunes move?
saltating sand
     slip face (lee)
White Sands, New Mexico
the rhythms of shifting sands
San Luis Valley, Colorado
the life and love of sand dunes
     star dunes
star dunes
     transverse dunes
transverse dune-Peru
     Great Sand Dunes
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Preserve
Cyberwest-Great Sand Dunes
San Luis Valley-Great Sand Dunes
     White Sands, New Mexico
dunes-White Sands, New Mexico
geology of sand dunes
geology fieldnotes-White Sands National Monument
White Sands
White Sands, New Mexico -Cochise College
     Martian sand dunes
sand dunes on Mars
sand dunes on Mars-2
sand dunes on Mars-3
sand dunes on Mars-4
sand dunes on Mars-5
sand dunes are bigger on Mars
defrosting Martian sand dunes
aeolian process on Mars
     views of sand dunes
active dunes on a beach
vegetated low areas on a sand dune
large dune

sand ripples
sand ripples on Mars
summary-sand ripples
ventifact hill
wind abraded rocks
yardangs on Mars
yardangs on Mars-2
pattern indicator-yardangs *
wind erosion
features produced by desert erosion
forces and winds
the problem of wind erosion
wind erosion simulation models