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Roger Weller, geology instructor

Statistics for the Virtual Geology Museum
and the Cochise College Geology Home Page
From October 1, 2005 to April 10, 2017 there were
10,026,000 page views on index pages from 4,414,000
first-time visitors.  If all of these first-time visitors were to line up,
single file (1.5 feet per person), the line would stretch
1254 miles,
approximately the air distance from
Sierra Vista, Arizona to
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Another way of looking at the numbers: The number of first time visitors would fill
the University Of Arizona stadium almost

Visitors have come from
more than 26,058 cities and 215 countries.


Best month ever:  February 2010-142,976 hits
Best day ever: January 12, 2010-13,040 hits