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Sept.21     editing photo collections of volcanism on Big Island, Hawaii
Sept.19     edited photo collections of volcanism on Maui, Hawaii
Sept.12     edited and stretched photo collections of Views of Bisbee and Mules Mountains

Sept.11     edited and stretched photo collections of Stratigraphy of Southeast Arizona
Sept.6       edited and stretched photo collections of 14 mountain ranges in SE Arizona
Sept.5       edited and stretched photo collections of Dragoons, Empires,
                  Government Butte, and Huachucas mountain ranges
Aug.29      finished editing and stretching photo collection of Old Historic Bisbee
Aug.28      finished editing and stretching illustrations for Illustrated vocabulary
Aug.24      finished editing and stretching drawings of twinned crystals
Aug.22      halfway through editing and stretching drawings of twinned crystals

Aug.17      finished stretching and editing: monoclinic crystals, mars travel photos,
                  and fluorescent minerals.
Aug.1        finished stretching terrestrial impact craters, working on tectonic photos
July 31      finished stretching remainder of opal photos.

July 24      stretched photos of diamonds, tourmaline, sapphires and synthetic gemstones
July 17      stretched 268 photos of transparent gemstones
July 10      stretched 452 photos of translucent gemstones and Maui, Hawaii geology
                  stretched 117 photos of transparent gemstones
                  changed fonts on 35 pearl pages

June 20     stretched 338 photos of metamorphic rocks,
                  finished editing Photos of Metamorphic Rocks
                  changed fonts and stretched photos for 147 translucent gemstones
June 19     stretched 558 photos of igneous and commercial rocks,
                  finished editing Photos of Igneous Rocks

                  changed fonts and stretched photos for 70 agates

June 15     stretched 388 photos of sedimentary rocks,
                  finished editing Photos of Sedimentary Rocks
June 13     stretched 633 photos of meteorites and Bisbee minerals
                  finished editing Photos of Meteorites and Photos of Bisbee Minerals

June 12     stretched 214 photos wulfenite, garnets, meteorites and changed 78 fonts
                  finished editing Photos of Minerals
June 7       stretched 289 mineral photos and changed fonts on 34 minerals

June 6       stretched 346 photos on calcite and chrysocolla
June 5       stretched 730 photos on 11 different minerals
June 2       stretched 672 photos on 29 different minerals
May 30     stretched 482 photos on 26 different minerals
May 24     stretched 402 photos on 80 different minerals:

                 stretched 50 photos on hiking dangers and Tucson gem shows
May 23     stretched 217 photos on 114 different minerals
May 22     stretched 500 photos on fossils, opals, apatite, and brazilianite;
                  changed fonts on 78 opal pages
May 17     stretched photos on 230 fossil pages
May 16     stretched photos on 408 fossil pages
May 15     stretched photos on 350 fossil pages
May 10     changed fonts and stretched 102 opal pages;
                 changed fonts and stretched 18 virtual geology field trip pages
May 9      stretched 91 photos for Ocean Jasper pages
May 8      added 6 student papers; changed 72 font on triclinic and orthorhombic crystals
Apr.26     added 6 student papers; changed 57 font on hexagonal crystals
Apr.25     added 6 more photos to Africa Sand Dunes; changed fonts on 85 Bisbee calcites
                finished editing Bisbee Minerals; changed 10 fonts on hexagonal crystals
Apr.24     created Beautiful Sand Dunes of Africa (10 pages, 48 photos)
Apr.19     changed 86 fonts on Bisbee azurite pages
Apr.18     changed 67 fonts on tektites (meteorites finished);
                changed 97 fonts on Bisbee malachite, 20 fonts on Bisbee azurite
Apr.17     added 33 photos of gemstones: agate, amethyst, carnelian, chrysoprase, moonstone,
                petrified wood, rhodonite, rose quartz, variscite, tiger-eye, tourmalinated quartz
Apr.12     changed fonts on 101 meteorite pages
Apr.11     changed fonts on 191 Bisbee mineral pages
Apr.10     added to student papers, changed fonts on 48 Bisbee mineral pages
Apr.5       changed fonts on 70 coral pages; finished Fossil Photos
Apr.4       changed fonts on 136 trilobite pages and 25 coral pages
Apr.3       changed fonts on 80 fossil tree pages and 24 trilobite pages, added photo of quartzite
                added photo of morganite ring
Mar.29    changed fonts on 63 pelecypod (clam) pages

Mar.28    changed fonts on 30 fish pages and 84 gastropod pages
Mar.27    changed fonts on 99 crinoid pages and 40 fish pages
Mar.23    finished adding text and measurements to River Features, added 20 items to subject Index
Mar.22    Text and measurements added to 8 of 17 features of  River Features
Mar.20    Created:  River Features: photos added 135 (18 pages) but text still needs to be added
Mar.15    added explanation of stream order and stream order mapping exercise.
                added student paper on calcite and aragonite
                changed fonts on 28 fossil cephalopod pages
Mar.14    changed fonts on remaining reptile fossil pages; 168 pages
Mar.13    Created:  Wyoming- Dendritic Drainage Pattern: 4 pages and 19 illustrations
changed fonts on 12 fossil reptile pages 
Mar.1      added 12 items to subject list, changed  fonts on 75 pages:  fossil insects and fish
Feb. 28    finished  North Africa-Desert Rivers: data and texts
Feb. 27    working on North Africa-Desert Rivers: 75 photos and 12 pages
Feb. 23
    changed fonts on 48 pages: mammal fossils, finished mammal fossils
                added 2 maps Uinkaret volcanic field, added 27 links to Subject Index

Feb. 22
    changed fonts on 100 pages: mammal fossils
Feb. 21
    Created: Flagstaff area volcanics: 13 views
                Created: White Mountains area volcanics: 14 views
                changed fonts on 63 pages: ammonites
Feb. 15
    added 7 photos: pyrite, azurite, turquoise, agate
                changed fonts on 37 pages: fossil ferns
Feb. 14
    Created: Geology of the San Bernardino Volcanic field: 17 photos
                Created: Grand Canyon Lava Flows:  6 photos
                changed fonts on 66 pages; bryozoa, leaves, amphibians
Feb. 13
   added 16 photos of fossils:  trilobites, carpoids, ammonites, brittle star, crinoids
                changed fonts on 43 brachiopod pages
Feb. 9      finished Herkimer Diamonds and Inclusions: 27 views, 10 pages
                changed fonts on 50 brachiopod pages
Feb. 8
      working on Herkimer diamond page
Feb. 6
      Created Unexplained Circular Features; finished details of the Andes: added 15 pages, 34 views
                 added photos of minerals (23): turquoise, lapis, mesolite, scolecite

Feb. 1      Created Mines of the Andes and Andes: Outline References:  13 illustrations
changed fonts on starfish pages (21 pages)
Jan. 31
    Created Outlined Volcanoes in the Central Andes: 15 illustrations
changed fonts on fossil birds, sea urchins, and eurypterid pages (65 pages)
Jan. 30    Created distribution of linear features in the central Andes: 14 illustrations
changed fonts on fossil worm pages, stromatolites (28 pages)
Jan. 28    Created distribution of earthquakes in the Andes and Deep Earthquakes and the Benioff Zone: 12 illustrations
Jan. 23    Created Old Volcanoes of the Andes and Very Old Volcanoes of the Andes: 18 illustrations
changed fonts on blastoid pages
Jan. 19    Created Andes of South America: volcanoes, earthquakes, and mines
added 10 pages and 32 views- still under construction

Jan. 18    Changed fonts on 84 fossil pages: barnacles, coprolites, crabs, gastroliths, graptolites,
                 jellyfish, limpets, lobsters, sea cucumbers, shrimp, spiders, sponges, scorpions, etc.
Jan. 9     Added 140 geology reference links to Plate Tectonic Margins Using Google Earth
 changed fonts on 12 ammonite pages
Jan. 5     Created Plate Tectonic Margins Using Google Earth: 17 web pages 50+ views
                 added 17 links to Subject Index

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