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Dec. 7                 changed fonts on 93 feldspar pages, finished editing all mineral pages
added 12 links to subject index
Dec. 6                 changed fonts on 32 quartz mineral pages, posted 1 student paper, hanged fonts on 26 feldspar pages,.

Dec. 5                 changed fonts on 172 quartz mineral pages
Dec. 1                 posted and edited 3 student papers and changed fonts on 66 chrysocolla pages
Nov. 30              posted and edited 7 student papers and changed fonts on 40 tourmaline pages
Nov. 29              changed fonts on 50 garnet pages and 20 tourmaline pages
Nov. 28              changed fonts on 41 garnet pages and posted 3 student papers
Nov. 25              changed fonts on 177 mineral pages (mica, pyrite, copper, garnet)

Nov. 23              changed fonts on 50 mineral pages (orthoclase and mica)
Nov. 21              changed fonts on 20 building rock pages-finished editing all rock pages (finally!)
                           changed fonts on 159 mineral pages (rhodochrosite, jade, labradorite, sphalerite,
                           spinel, tremolite)
Nov. 17              changed fonts on 52 igneous rock pages-finished editing all rock pages (finally!)
Nov. 16              changed fonts on 70 igneous rock pages (porphyry, rhyolite, pumice, pyroxenite, syenite)
Nov. 15              changed fonts on 80 igneous rock pages (obsidian, pegmatite, perlite, peridotite,
                           pitchstone, porphyry); added 6 links to subject index
Nov. 14              added 30 mineral photos: fluorite, franklinite, zincite, scheelite, willemite
                           changed fonts on 40 igneous rock pages, edited and posted 1 student paper on gems
Nov. 10              changed fonts on 101 igneous rock pages (granite, granodiorite, kimberlite,
                           lithophysae, monzonite, obsidian)
Nov. 8                changed fonts on 90 igneous rock pages (diorite, dunite, gabbro, granite)
Nov. 7                finished editing Photos of Metamorphic Rocks; changed 48 metamorphic rock pages
                           changed fonts on 113 igneous rock pages
Nov. 3                changed fonts on 42 metamorphic rock pages
Nov. 2                changed fonts on 107 metamorphic rock pages
Nov. 1                changed fonts on 100 metamorphic rock pages
Oct. 31               finished editing Photos of Sedimentary Rocks; changed fonts on 70 sedimentary rock pages
                           added 10 links to subject index; changed fonts on 20 metamorphic rocks
Oct. 28               changed fonts on 80 sedimentary rock pages
Oct. 26               added 8 photos:  amygdaloidal basalt, concretions, geode, lithophysae, siltstone;
                           added 25 entries to Subject Index; changed fonts on 139 sedimentary rock pages
Oct. 24               added 25 photos and pages: serpentine, agates, clams, gastropods
                           changed fonts: 23 coal, 33 conglomerate
Oct. 19               added 66 links to Subject Index, corrected fonts of 47 sedimentary rocks
Oct. 18               added 9 volcano photos plus 76 links to Subject Index

Oct. 17               added Pinacates Volcanic Field to Google Geology- 55 views
Oct. 13               added crystallography links to subject index and changed fonts on Cochise County geology websites
Oct. 11               added many links to subject index and changed fonts on Cochise County geology websites
Oct. 10               created: The Search for Meteorite Impacts-Eastern Canada (35 illustrations)
                           added 35 links to Subject Index
Oct. 6                 edited and revised Best Preserved Meteorite Impacts on Earth,
                           created Oklahoma Earthquakes and Oil Wells
Oct. 4                 edited and revised fonts for 60 USA geology maps,
                           added 62 entries to Subject Index
Oct. 3                 added 6 photos of mastodon baby tooth, rearranged main page
                           added metamorphic rocks and USA geology maps to Subject Index
Sept. 27             added 115 minerals and 7 rock links to Subject Index
Sept. 26             added 116 minerals to Subject Index, also added Oregon volcanoes and
                           Canada-Eastern glacial striations to Google Earth Geology
Sept. 22             added 116 minerals to Subject Index
Sept. 20             added virtual geology field trips, 6 crystal systems, mineralogy textbook,
                           drawings of twinned crystals to Subject Index
Sept. 19             added fossils, state geology links, YouTube videos, meteorites to Subject Index
Sept. 14             added Bisbee Minerals to subject index
Sept. 13             worked on subject index, added Baja California volcanoes
Sept. 12             worked on subject index- added gemstone photo files
Sept. 8               created Montana-radial joints, Arizona-fissures, and New Mexico- Shiprock
Sept. 7               worked on subject index, remaining letters
Sept. 6               worked on subject index, letters H to M
Sept. 1               created Arizona earthquakes, Wyoming Oil Wells, Western America Ore Deposits
Aug.29               created Australia eroded folds, Montana-eroded folds, Urals-ore deposits,
                           created base for major Subject Index for Geology Home Page
 created Australia meteor crater- 7 views,
                           changed fonts on 27 hemimorphite pages  
 created Petrified Forest with 9 map pages,
                           changed fonts on 62 barite and magnetite pages  
Aug.24               created Oregon Cascade Volcanoes with 15 volcano pages,
                           changed fonts on 28 vanadinite pages  
Aug.23               changed fonts on 32 turquoise pages,
                           added webpage on Montana glacial striations
 changed fonts on 46 corundum and epidote pages
 changed fonts on 51 galena and apophyllite pages
 changed fonts on 37 silver and stibnite pages

July 25             
 changed fonts on 82 azurite, malachite, and chalcopyrite pages
July 21               changed fonts on 64 amethyst and agate pages
June 19              changed fonts on 64 mineral pages
June 17              changed fonts on 53 mineral pages
June 14              added 31 mineral photos of calcite
                           changed fonts on 93 mineral pages 
June 10              added 42 mineral photos 
June 8                added 32 mineral photos of halides
                          changed fonts on 75 mineral pages
June 3                changed fonts on 77 mineral pages
May 31              changed fonts on 75 mineral pages
May 23            
 changed fonts on 49 mineral pages
May 18            
 changed fonts on 72 mineral pages
May 16            
 changed fonts on 73 mineral pages
May 13            
 changed fonts on 67 mineral pages

May 11              changed fonts on 34 mineral pages
May 10            
 changed fonts on 63 mineral pages
May 9              
 changed fonts on 66 mineral page, added a student paper
May 7              
 changed fonts on 53 mineral pages
May 6                changed fonts on 71 gypsum pages, added 8 photos of gypsum
May 4              
 changed fonts on 20 mineral families
May 2              
 changed fonts on 15 mineral families
April 28           
 changed fonts on 8 mineral families added student paper

April 27             changed fonts on 6 mineral families
April 26             added 19 photos of minerals
April 25             changed fonts on 20 mineral families
April 22             added 25 photos of minerals, corrected fonts for 5 mineral families,
                          posted 2 student papers
April 21             posted 7 student term papers plus corrected fonts for 10 mineral families
April 20             posted 6 student term papers plus corrected fonts for 8 mineral families
April 17             created and posted physics paper:
Empirical Masses of Subatomic Particles, Part 2- A Closer Look
                          added 16 photos of native copper from Michigan
April 14             changed fonts on 12 mineral families, posted student term paper
April 13             changed fonts on 3 mineral families, added 33 mineral photos of
                          albite. anorthite, amazonite, beryl, chrysocolla, diopside,
                          hornblende, olivine, orthoclase, staurolite, tremolite
                          created and posted physics paper:
Empirical Masses of Subatomic Particles  
April 11             changed fonts on 30 mineral families  
April 4               added 6 photos of geodes, 5 photos of serpentine
                          changed fonts on 15 mineral families
April 2               added 43 photos of jade, changed fonts on 15 mineral families 
March 30          changed fonts on 20 mineral families  
March 23          changed fonts on 25 mineral families  
March 16          added 12 photos of minerals and fossils  
March 16          added 17 photos of quartz  
March 2            wrote summary for Circular Earthquake Patterns and added E9 feature  
Feb 29                added 7 photos and text to validation of circular earthquake patterns
Feb 21/22          Created:
USA Earthquakes-Circular Features
                           added 17 photos
Feb 19, 2016      Created: USA Earthquakes-Circular Features
                           Added 120 photos of earthquake patterns
Feb 10, 2016      Added 10 photos:  suevite impactites

Feb 8, 2016        Added 20 photos:  rose quartz. amethyst, dolomite, cerussite, apatite,

Feb 3, 2016        Added 18 photos to Ares Vallis
Feb.1, 2016        Added 125 photos of Mars for Scars on Mars of Ancient Floods and Rivers
                                (all Jan. 2016)

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