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Use of Earth Materials
The following geology web pages were developed by Cochise College students.
Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses. 

marble facing- Rodeo Drive, California

rock tools
            Brief Introduction to Arrowheads     
                          Todd Nehem (Fall 2008)
            The Making of Arrowheads- Thomas Fair (Fall 2008)

            The Early Rock Tools of Man-
Carlos Lujan (Fall 2013)
Arkansas Sharpening Stone-Novaculite -
                        Rebecca Bowser (Fall 2011)  
            The Rocks of War-
Michael Thornsberry (Fall 2011)                     
            Clay to Pottery- Madison Byrd (Fall 2013)
            What's in a Glaze?- Angela Lambiase (Fall 2012)
            Pigments: Color Matters- Conor Mahoney (Spring 2013)
            The Wonderful World of Ceramics-
                       Ryan Yearicks (Fall 2009)
            Epsom Salts-
Barry Eastman (Spring 2011)
Importance of Salt- Chung-Ting Tsai  (Fall 2013)
            Metaphysical Properties of Rocks- Alexandria Reynolds (Fall 2014)

            Safe Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup- Jessie White (Spring 2011)
            What's That on Your Face?-
Mittie Crabtree (Fall 2011)
            What is Concrete?- Andrew Haldorson  (Fall 2005)
  Concrete, as Hard as the Rocks It's Made of-
                       Tory Norton (Fall 2012)
            Toothpaste, What Is It Really?-
                        Laura J. Marinus (Fall 2009)
Minerals Found in Toothpaste-
                        Beverly Zuniga (Fall 2008)
            Teeth Whitening through Oil Pulling-
                        Esteban Serino (Spring 2015)
             Effects of Radiation on Humans- Tristan DeBuhr (Fall 2014)
             Disposal of Nuclear Waste- Emily Filleman (Fall 2009)
             The Uses and Dangers of Radiation-  Angel Aguirre  (Fall 2013)
             The Wonderous Benefits of Hot Springs-
                        Jake Max  (Fall 2013)

             Gun Powder-The Explosive History- Douglas Powers (Fall 2012)
             Dirt as as Alternate Construction Method
                         Kevin Thompson (Spring 2015)

             Pirates Booty!- Mark Tillman  (Spring 2007)
      Sabino Glass- Sarah (Chuck) Kellett (Fall 2009)
             Paintballs and the Environment- Cory Hoyt (Fall 2010)
             The Art of Rocks-
Joelle Gandara  (Spring 2014)
             The Wonderous Benefits of Hot Springs-
                        Jake Max  (Fall 2013)
          Gravestones: Memorials or More?- Claire McKee (Fall 2015)
             Granite, Tombstones, and Monuments- Valerie Valdez (Fall 2010)
             Choosing a Headstone- Paris Reynolds  (Fall 2007)
The Healing Power of Gemstones- Breanna Dykstra (Fall 2010)
 Healing power of Gemstones- Margret-Anne Shifrin (Fall 2012)
             Crystals and Minerals Used For Healing?- Katelyn Hale (Spring 2012)
             Phosphates- Melanie Strate (Fall 2014)