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Mining Articles
The following geology web pages were developed by Cochise College students.
Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

photo from the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

        copper mining
             Bisbee's Origins-
Mikey Cota  (Spring 2014)        
             The Worries of a Bisbee Copper Miner-
                        Maria Ramos  (Spring 2006)
            Copper Mining in Bisbee- David Berheim (Fall 2011)
John Devere- Mining Engineer- Lauren Devere (Spring 2012)
            History of One of Bisbee's Families-
                         Gina Thursby (Spring 2008)
            Phelps Dodge Corporation-
                         Robert Hardy  (Fall 2007)
             Morenci Copper Mine- Caitlyn Chavez (Spring 2016)
             Tyrone Mine Reclamation- Christy Brady (Spring 2012)
   gold mining
   Gold Panning- Robert M. Posey IV (Fall 2009)
              Gold Mining- Erica Archer (Fall 2006)
Gold Panning Like the 49'ers-
                         Anthony Kirkpatrick (Spring 2009)
              The California Gold Rush-
Kenneth Goodman  (Spring 2010)
              Gold Rush-
Joel DunnSmith  (Fall 2007)
              A Look at Mining- Jessi Nesbitt  (Spring 2005)
       lead mining
    Galena, Kansas and the Dangers of Undermining-
                       Anna Isaacs (Fall 2010)
             Outlook Good for Petroleum's Future?
                        Odessa Solomon (Fall 2006)
             Hydraulic Fracturing- A.Nonymous (Fall 2011)
racking- Sol Greer (Spring 2012)
       assorted topics    
               Topographic Maps-
Perry Gresham  (Spring 2014) 
               Arizona Gold Mining Folklore- Dustin Bucherer (Spring 2016)     
             Mining in North Carolina-
                        Johnny Petteway  (Fall 2005)
              Core Sampling: What and Why?- Wheeler Reese (Fall 2012)  
             Granite Quarries- Shayna Redwine  (Spring 2006) 
             Mines in the Huachuca Mountains-
                        David Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
              Yellow Jacket Mine, Arivaca, Arizona-
                        Caryl Marie Brendle Adcock (Fall 2009)