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Amethyst is purple quartz, SiO2
Mineral information on quartz

hardness: 7


faceted amethyst stones

amethyst, faceted-by the tray                                                     

amethyst, faceted-color banding:  A

amethyst, faceted-pale color:  A  B  C  D*

amethyst, faceted-medium color: A  B  C

amethyst, faceted-medium to dark color:  A

amethyst, faceted-dark color:  A

amethyst, faceted-round stones:  A

amethyst, faceted-teardrop shape stone:  A

amethyst, faceted-triangular stones:  A
amethyst, faceted wallpaper:  A B C D E*
F G  H*
greened amethyst: 
A  B


amethyst in jewelry

amethyst, earrings:  A

amethyst, ring:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H**

amethyst beads:  A


amethyst, uncut                                                                

amethyst crystal:  A

amethyst, crystal cluster:  A  B  C  D


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