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Tiger's-eye is an asbestos (crocidolite) replaced
by quartz, SiO2.
Tigereye is another name for this material.
Mineral information on quartz
hardness: 7


lectures on tiger's-eye
Tigereye by Audrey LaClair
Tiger's Eye- Allison Fisher 

tiger's-eye cabochons:  A  B  C  D
carved tiger's-eye faces:  A

tiger's-eye in jewelry
tiger's-eye beads:  A  B  C

polished tiger's-eye

tiger's-eye polished sphere

polished slab of blue and gold tiger's-eye             
polished golden tiger's-eye specimens:  A  B  C
tiger iron from Australia:  A  B
red tiger's-eye, tumble polished: 
A  B 
assorted tiger's-eye, tumble polished: 

blue tiger's-eye, tumble polished: 
A  B  C  D  E  F  G


tiger's-eye, uncut
rough tiger's-eye, blue and gold:  A  B

rough tiger's-eye, golden:  A  B  C

rough tiger's-eye, blue (Hawkeye or Falcon's eye):  A
rough tiger iron: 


special notes:
Red tiger's eye is golden tiger's eye that has undergone heating;
it goes by the name, strawberry tiger's eye or bull's eye.
Tiger iron may be chrysolite asbestos that was silicified and mixed                
with other minerals.

USA occurrences
Minnesota (binghamite)
     Crow Wing County
     Deerwood and Riverton

WORLD-WIDE occurrences
Australia (tigeriron)
South Africa
     Griqualand, north of the Orange River
     Asbestos Mountains,Cape province
South West Africa

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