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Rose Quartz 
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Rose Quartz is pink quartz, SiO2
Mineral information on quartz

hardness: 7

The pink color in rose quartz comes from tiny inclusions of the
mineral rutile (TiO2).  A large portion of commercial rose quartz
comes from the Black Hills of South Dakota where it is found in
pegmatites. Rose quartz has also come from Maine.

Upon prolonged exposure to sunlight, the color in rose quartz
tends to fade.

A unique variety of rose quartz can be cut to produce a star effect,                                    
similar to star sapphires.  The source of this star is fine, needle like
inclusions of rutile oriented in three directions.  A source of star rose
quartz is Smith's Crossing south of Atlanta, Georgia.

lectures on rose quartz
Rose Quartz: One of a Kind- Melissa R. Stevens

rose quartz cabochons:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H


rose quartz in jewelry
rose quartz beads:  A  B


rose quartz specimens

rough rose quartz:  A  B  C  D  E

rose quartz, polished spheres:  A                                    
rose quartz, polished hearts:  A  B
rose quartz, polished bathtub:  A
rose quartz, scepter:  A


Rose quartz mines in South Dakota:

     Wiley Mine and the Scott Rose Quartz Mine, Custer County
     Bull Moose Mine and the White Elephant Mine near Custer

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