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Chrysoprase is quartz, SiO2,
colored green by the presence of nickel.
Mineral information on quartz
hardness: 7                                                                          

Chrysoprase is commonly thought of as a translucent cryptocrystalline form
of quartz with an apple green color.  The color, however can range from pale
green to yellowish green to grayish green and even lime green.  The color
may slightly fade upon exposure to sunlight.  The green color comes from the
presence of a green, nickel-rich clay mineral, pimelite, within the chalcedony.
Garnierite, another nickel-rich mineral, is also another possible coloring source.

An ancient source of chrysoprase was Silesia.  Today, most chrysoprase comes
from Australia.  In some cases, white chalcedony that has been dyed green is
being passed off as chrysoprase.  Persons with severe nickel allergies have
developed rashes from contact with chrysoprase.  

lectures on chrysoprase
Chrysoprase by Audrey LaClair


chrysoprase cabochons:  A  B  C  D  E
chrysoprase from Australia:  A  B  C  D                                                                        


chrysoprase in jewelry

chrysoprase beads:  A  B  C
lemon chrysoprase pendant: 

chrysoprase specimens
chrysoprase slabs: 
A  B  C  D 

chrysoprase, rough:  A  B  C
lemon chrysoprase, rough: 
A  B

Additional information on chrysoprase:
Chrysoprase is found in close association with serpentine.
the word chrysoprase comes from the Greek chrysos (golden) and prason (leek).

US locations:                                          

     Porterville, Tulare County
     Nickel mountain

WORLD-WIDE locations
     Frankenstein  (Zabkowice), Silesia
     Marlborough, Princhester, and Yaamba areas-Central Queensland


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