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charoite from Siberia

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Charoite is K(Ca, Na)2Si4O10(OH, F).H2O                                   
hardness: 5-6

charoite cabochons:  A  B  C  D

charoite in jewelry
charoite beads:  A


charoite, polished

charoite carvings:  A

polished charoite slabs:  A  B

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information on charoite
Charoite was discovered in 1976 along the Charo River in Siberia. 
The black needle-like inclusions are aegirine-augite, the orange-colored
patches are tinkasite, and the transparent zones are microcline feldspar.
Because of its fibrous nature, charoite has a tendency to chip and splinter
and undercut. 
Consequently, it needs to be worked with diamond abrasives.