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last edited:  7/24/17     number of photos: 2000    

Special note: to see a selection of my gem photos,

 go to Google images, type Roger Weller then any gemstone
name.   (Example: Roger Weller emerald)

Special thanks goes to
Gem and Lapidary Wholesalers, Inc. (G&LW)
and their associated gem dealers for allowing photography of
their gemstones. Without the assistance of G&LW, this collection
of gem photographs would have not been possible.                     

G&LW website:  and email:

     Transparent Gemstones
  are usually faceted. (567 photos)
faceted gemstones-Opal's Pals


     Translucent Gemstones
are usually cut and polished as
          cabochons or carvings. (1008 photos)
  cabochons-Opal's Pals

chrysocolla and malachite

      Synthetic and Treated Gemstones
(53 photos)

mostly cubic zircona

      Opals, the Queen of Gemstones
      (281 photos)

fire opal in gold


Photos are copyright free for non-commercial educational uses. 
Just credit photos to R.Weller/Cochise College.    copyright 2015-R.Weller