Herkimer Diamonds-Clear Quartz Crystals
                            from Herkimer County, New York                                   
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    Herkimer diamonds are exceptionally clear, colorless, shiny, double-terminated quartz crystals
from the area around Middleville, Herkimer County, New York.  The crystals were so sparkly that
they were called "diamonds".

a very clear, double-terminated Herkimer diamond


     The Herkimer Diamonds are found in hollow pockets in a siliceous dolomite.  Rocks have to
be broken up with large steel pointed poles and sledge hammers.  Occasionally, a large pocket
opens up and the Herkimer Diamonds just tumble out like a jackpot from a Las Vegas slot
machine.  Most of the time, however, it is just hard work.

a Herkimer diamond in a small pocket


additional views of Herkimer diamond features
     single Herkimer diamond crystals  (6 views)
     large Herkimer diamonds  (2 views)
     smoky-colored Herkimer diamonds  (2 views)
     yellow Herkimer diamonds  (1 view)
     fractures in Herkimer diamonds  (2 views)
     iridescent fractures in Herkimer diamonds  (2 views)
     negative crystals in Herkimer diamonds   (4 views)
     dark inclusions in Herkimer diamonds   (7 views)
     rod-shaped inclusions in Herkimer diamonds   (3 views)
     bubble trail inclusions in Herkimer diamonds  (2 Views)