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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:   silicate

Chemical Formula: varies from
(Na,Ca)4Al3(Al,Si)3Si6O24(Cl,CO3,SO4)  to

Color:  white, gray, pale green, light blue, light red, yellow        Luster:  vitreous                                                                       


Hardness:  5 to 6               Specific Gravity:  2.65 to 2.74               

Cleavage:  imperfect cleavage


Crystal Forms: Tetragonal system
     Crystals are commonly prismatic.

Mineral Associations:  Scapolite forms in contact metamorphic rocks;
     it is associted with diopside, amphibole, garnet, apatite, sphene, zircon

Identifying Characteristics:  square cross section of crystals; 4 directions of cleavage at 450

Uses:  when transparent as a gemstone

Occurrences:  Canada; in the USA in Massachusetts and New York

Toxicity:      when-swallowed-                            when inhaled-

Additional Information:  Scapolite is also known as wernerite.
                  Sometimes scapolite fluoresces orange or yellow under ultraviolet light.