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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:  silicate

Chemical Formula: 

Color:  white. light gray                    Streak:  uncolored


Hardness:  5.5 to 6          Specific Gravity:  2.45 to 2.50          

Fracture:  conchoidal           Cleavage: very imperfect (110)

Tenacity:  brittle         Transparency:  translucent to opaque


Crystal Forms:  Isometric system

     Most common form are trapezohedrons

Mineral Associations:  Leucite is found in magmas that are rich in potassium and poor in silica.

Identifying Characteristics:  white trapezohedrons in volcanic rock


Occurrences:  The most famous location is in the volcanics from Mt. Vesuvius, Italy.
     In the USA from Wyoming and Montana

Toxicity:      when-swallowed-                            when inhaled-

Additional Information: