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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:     oxide

Chemical Formula:   

Color:   iron black          Streak:  submetallic, black to brownish red  

Luster:  sub-metallic       Fracture:  conchoidal  


Hardness:  5 to 6         Specific Gravity:  4.5 to 5                

Transparency:  opaque     Magnetism:  slightly magnetic     


Crystal Forms: Tri-rhombohedral
     Crystals are usually thick tabular; may also be acute rhombohedral.
     Commonly occurs in massive form or as sand grains.

Mineral Associations: 

Identifying Characteristics:  resembles hematite, but has a black streak;
     also resembles magnetite but is only very slightly magnetic

Uses:   ore of titanium

Occurrences:  Adirondack region, New York; also Norway and England 

Toxicity:             when inhaled-

Additional Information: