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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:    native element

Chemical Formula:   
C  (carbon)

Color:  iron-black to dark steel-gray 

Luster:  metallic, dull, earthy           Feel:  greasy


Hardness:  1 to 2       Specific Gravity:  2.09 to 2.23                 

Cleavage:  perfect basal cleavage

Tenacity:  thin plates are flexible but not elastic

Transparency:  opaque                  Electrical:  conductor of electricity


Crystal Forms and Habits:  Hexagonal (rhombohedral) system 
     Graphite commonly occurs in foliated masses.     

Mineral Associations:  Graphite often occurs as a metamorphic mineral, but also be found in some igneous rocks.

Identifying Characteristics: 

Uses:   pencil leads, crucibles, lubricant, composites with epoxies

Occurrences:  Sonora, Mexico, Siberia, England, and Ticonderoga, New York

Toxicity:      when-swallowed-           when inhaled-

Additional Information: