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Chemical Group:    native element

Chemical Formula:   
Au   (gold)

Color:  gold-yellow, sometimes pale-yellow         Streak:  gold-yellow


Hardness:  2.5 to 3        Specific Gravity:  15.6 to 19.33 (pure)                

Luster:  metallic            Malleability:  extremely malleable


Crystal Forms:  Isometric system
   Gold forms distorted an often elongated crystals of octahedrons, cubes, and dodecahedrons.
   Gold also forms dendrites.

Mineral Associations:  commonly found in milky quartz

Identifying Characteristics:  color, softness, malleability

Uses:  tooth fillings, electrical contacts, jewelry, coins


Toxicity:      when-swallowed- low           when inhaled- low

Additional Information:  Native gold is often alloyed with silver; silver content ranging up to 16%.