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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:    carbonate

Chemical Formula:   

Color:  azure-blue to Berlin-blue                 Streak:  light blue


Hardness:  3.5 to 4            Specific Gravity:  3.77 to 3.89

Luster:  vitreous to adamantine        Fracture:  conchoidal

Cleavage:  one direction


Crystal Forms:  Monoclinic system
          Crystals are highly varied in shape and habit
          Some azurite crystals alter to malachite (pseudomorphs)

Mineral Associations:  Oxide zone of copper ores

Identifying Characteristics:

Uses:  jewelry, copper ore

Occurrences:  Bisbee, Arizona; Morenci, Arizona; Zacatecas, Mexico  

Toxicity:      when-swallowed- high          when inhaled- moderate

Additional Information: