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Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group:    silicate-pyroxene

Chemical Formula:   
CaMgSi2O6 with (Mg,Fe)(Al,Fe)2SiO6

Color: dark green to black               

Luster:  vitreous        Transparency:  translucent only on thin edges


Hardness:  5 to 6                Specific Gravity:   3.2 to 3.4                  Fracture:

Cleavage:  good prismatic cleavage (110)


Crystal Forms: Monoclinic system
     Crystals are usually prismatic.  In cross section crystals are nearly square.

Mineral Associations: Augite is found commonly in dark-colored igneous rocks.
     Augite is associated with plagioclase feldspars, nepheline, olivine, leucite, hornblende, magnetite.

Identifying Characteristics:  darker color than diopside


Occurrences:  Vesuvius in Italy, Bohemia

Toxicity:      when-swallowed- low           when inhaled- moderate

Additional Information: