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banded, gem-quality azurite

Bisbee, Arizona
is a world-famous location of copper-related minerals.


Special noteto see a limited selection of my Bisbee mineral photos,

 go to Google images, type Cochise College Bisbee and then any mineral.
 (Example: Cochise College Bisbee azurite)

index of Bisbee minerals

number of photos: 530      last edited:  4/11/17 

aragonite  (4) copper  (54) rhodochrosite  (1)
aurichalcite  (5) cuprite  (37) shattuckite  (1)
azurite (109) galena  (2) siderite  (7)
azurite-malachite (20) goethite  (2) travertine  (5)
bornite  (7) gold  (1)

turgite  (13)

brochantite  (6) gypsum  (8) turquoise  (23)
calcite  (85) hematite  (4) variscite  (3)
cerussite   (3) hydrohetaerolite  (1) wulfenite  (2)
chalcanthite  (1) malachite  (97)  
chalcoalumite  (4) manganese oxides  (3)  
chalcocite  (1) pyrite  (2)  
chrysocolla  (8) pyrolusite  (3)  
  quartz  (7)  

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online documents
   Geology and Ore Deposits of the Bisbee, Arizona Quadrangle
      by F.L. Ransome, 1904, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper No.21, 168 pages
   Geology of the Warren Mining District
        by Y.S Bonillas, J.B. Tenney, E.M Feuchre and Leon Feuchre,
        1919, A.I.M.E. Trans,  67 pages
Stoping in the Calcumet and Arizona Mines
        by Philip D. Wilson, 1916, A.I.M.E. Trans., 19 pages

articles written by students
The Special Relationship between Azurite and Malachite-
        Jesse Smith  (Fall 2005)
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        Maria Ramos  (Spring 2006)
Phelps Dodge Corporation-
        Robert Hardy  (Fall 2007)
 History of One of Bisbee's Families-
        Gina Thursby (Spring 2008)