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     Across the surface of Mars there are many features that
resemble Earth river systems, including dendritic patterns.
    The plural of valles is vallis.

Photo sources: NASA, USGS, ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G.Neukum)
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photos of vallis
Named Vallis
Ares vallis (2)
Arda vallis
Bahram vallis
Columbia valles
Daga vallis
Dao vallis (2)
Ladon valles
Lethes vallis  (2)
Mamers valles (2)
Marikh valles  (2)
Marineris vallis  (2)

Nanedi valles (3)
Nirgal vallis
Oltis vallis
Osuga valles (3)
Parana valles (2)
Protva valles
Samara valles  (4)
Shalbatana vallis 
Silinkas vallis  (2)                                                                   
Surinda valles
Taber valles
Tigre valles
Tinto vallis (3)
Vedra valles
Vichada valles

Warrego valles  (3)

Numbered Vallis (unnamed)

Valles:  1  2

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