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number of views: 277
photo sources: NASA, USGS, JPL, University of Arizona
ESA/DLR/Fu Berlin (G.Neukum)
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The principle landforms on Mars are craters,
so they need to be broken down into categories.
collections of crater views
craters crossed by grabens (25)
crater ejecta sheets  (54)
small craters  (23)
crater walls  (11)
craters with double rings  (9)

craters with central peaks  (17)
craters with patterned floors  (24)
irregular craters  (11)
craters with triple rings  (2)
craters with moats  (17)

craters with cracked floors (34)
craters with flat floors  (6)

craters with flat floors and depressions 
submerged craters  (7)