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           Scars on Mars of Ancient Floods and Rivers
An Overview
     This is a view of the greatest concentration of large floods and rivers on Mars. 
The blue lines are flow features. The pink lines represent the location of Vallis
Marineris for positional reference. Thousands of lines detailing flow features
were used to create this image.


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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  1/28/16
Source of the photos:  Google Mars, ESA,
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     Only 5 of the large river complexes will be used in this report.
Kasei Vallis
Maja Vallis
Nanedi Vallis
Shalbatana Vallis
Ares Vallis

latitude:  4.332     longitude:  -43.941

     In general, all of these flows originated in the South and flowed to the North.

closer view

  Important features related to these flows are the large areas of chaos (broken
and disturbed crust) and colles (areas of small hills).  It is widely agreed that
these areas collapsed and contributed much of the material that flowed down
these valleys.

     In the following view the river systems are indicated in blue, while yellow
outlines the areas of chaos and colles features.  Pink lines represent the location
of Vallis Marineris.