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              Shalbatana Vallis on Mars- Location

     Shalbatana Vallis is located East of Nanedi Valles and West of Ares Vallis.

location of Shalbatana Vallis 

Shalbatana Vallis              latitude:  10.357    longitude:  -42.344

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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  1/29/16
source of photos:  Google Mars, ESA, NASA, USGS, JPL, UAriz
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closer view- the dark blue lines indicate the main path of Shalbatna Valles
and the light blue lines are flow features.  Pink lines represent the Valles
Marineris complex.

latitude:  -0.491    longitude:  -45.551

flow features and the main path of Shalbatna Vallis

latitude: 6.094    longitude:  -42.257

similar view demonstrating relationship between Shalbatna Vallis and
chaos structures

latitude: 4.846    longitude:  -42.637

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