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               Ares Vallis
        Oblique Views of Interesting Features #4

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Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  2/3/16
source of photos: Google Mars, ESA, USGS, NASA, JPL, UAriz
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oblique 17- breached crater
difference in elevation from crater rim to upper left corner of photo- 700feet
width of view- 45 kilometers

latitude:  -6.054    longitude:  -17.878  
oblique 18- breached crater
width of view- 45 kilometers

latitude:  6.195    longitude:  -21.421

oblique 19- layers along Ares Vallis channel
height of cliff- 5400 feet
width of view- 18 kilometers
near mile marker 820

latitude:  9.110    longitude:  -23.033

oblique 20- depression on top of a mesa
width of view- 5.9 kilometers34 kilometers
near mile marker 1100

latitude:  14.260    longitude:  -28.799