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                     Ares Vallis on Mars- Location

     Ares Vallis is the eastern-most of the 5 river systems being studied.

location of Ares Vallis 

Ares Valles               latitude:  8.222    longitude:  -24.997

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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  2/1/16
source of photos:  Google Mars, ESA, NASA, USGS, JPL, UAriz
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The dark blue lines indicate the main path of Ares Vallis

latitude: 8.688    longitude:  -25.048

     The blue lines represent flow features and the yellow lines outline areas of
chaos (fractured terrains) and colles features (small hills) that have contributed
to the formation of Kasei Valles.  The pink lines at the bottom of this view are
portions of the Valles Marineris complex.

flow  and chaos features of Ares Valles

latitude: 8.667    longitude:  -25.460

more emphasis on the flow features of Ares Vallis

latitude: 8.667    longitude:  -25.460