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Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  2/3/16
source of photos: Google Mars, ESA, USGS, NASA, JPL, UAriz
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Aram Chaos is a large circular feature that contributed to the the flows
responsible for creating Areas Vallis.

view 1 -Aram Chaos breach- flow lines towards Ares Vallis
width of view- 39 kilometers

latitude:  2.567     longitude:  -19.268   
view2- Aram Chaos  breach
width of view- 39 kilometers

latitude:  2.567      longitude:  -19.268 

view 3 -Aram Chaos breach-oblique view of deposits
width of view- 5 kilometers

latitude:  2.480      longitude:  -19.417 

view 4 -Aram Chaos breach-edges of chaos where flow emerge
towards Ares Vallis.
width of view- 25 kilometers

latitude:  2.503     longitude:  -19.306 

view 5 -Aram Chaos breach- closer view of streamlined sediments
entering breach
width of view- 25 kilometers

latitude:       longitude: 

view 6 -Aram Chaos breach- viewed from the East
width of view- 11 kilometers

latitude: 2.656     longitude: -19.190

view 7 -outflow from Aram Chaos into Ares Valles
width of view- 18 kilometers

latitude: 3.041     longitude:  -17.805 

view 8 -flow features within Aram Chaos
width of view-21 kilometers

latitude:  2.441      longitude: -20.439