Sinuous Lava Channels Adjacent to Olympus Mons   
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 Roger Weller, geology instructor
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     In the flat lava-covered plains surrounding Olympus Mons there are
sinuous lava flow channels that originate within the lava plain, not derived
from flank eruptions from the volcano.  The features, outlined in white,
delineate many of the large lava channels that often extend for tens of miles.
The lava channels are concentric to Olympus Mons. not radially directed
away from it.



locations of the sinuous channels

detailed views of the sinuous lava channels
Photos used in these studies are derived from GoogleMars.
Primary sources are USGS/NASA/JPL/ University of Arizona/
ESA/DLR/FU Berlin(G.Neukum).
Photos have been digitally enhanced in order to emphasize structures.

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