Olympus Mons, Mars- in Detail
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 Roger Weller, geology instructor
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 vertical view of Olympus Mons
 Photo courtesy of NASA and JPL
A Detailed Examination of Olympus Mons using Google Mars
Olympus Mons on Mars has the reputation of being the largest volcano in the
Solar System.  It is more than 400 miles wide at its base and towers 13 miles
above the surrounding area.

     This photographic study of the geologic features of Olympus Mons contains
several hundred views obtained entirely from Google Mars.



calderas at top of Olympus Mons  (66)


lava flow channels on the flanks of Olympus Mons

escarpment at the base of Olympus Mons


base flows around Olympus Mons

lobate lava flows surrounding Olympus Mons

sinuous lava channels surrounding Olympus Mons 

fissures and fractures affecting Olympus Mons

wind patterns and yardang fields in the surrounding sulci areas

slope lineae in the Olympus Mons area

Photos used in these studies are derived from GoogleEarth-Mars.
Primary sources are USGS/NASA/JPL/ University of Arizona/
ESA/DLR/FU Berlin(G.Neukum).
Photos have been digitally enhanced in order to emphasize structures.