Lava Flows Adjacent to Olympus Mons   
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 Roger Weller, geology instructor
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     In the flat lava-covered plains surrounding Olympus Mons there are abundant
lobate lava flows that originate within the lava plain. In addition, there are some lava
channels on the flank of Olympus Mons that turn into oblate flows when they
encounter the lava plain.

     The edges of lava flows are delineated by white lines.  Photographic coverage available
with Google Mars varies in resolution.  Areas of low resolution cannot be used to detect
the low profile features of the lava flows , creating breaks in the distribution pattern.

      A study of the flows is broken into separate regions for closer examination. 

detailed views of the lobate lava flows by region
Photos used in these studies are derived from GoogleMars.
Primary sources are USGS/NASA/JPL/ University of Arizona/
ESA/DLR/FU Berlin(G.Neukum).
Photos have been digitally enhanced in order to emphasize structures.

region A

region B
region C
region D
region E
region F
region G
region H
region I

region J
region K
region L