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              Mars- Mawrth Vallis  
Muara Crater- North Rim
              Lower Layers   

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     There are no white layers in the following two photos from
the North crater wall.  They are close views of the lowest portion
of the crater just above the crater floor.  The value of these
photos is they show the nature of erosion and deposition within
this area prior to the deposition of the white mineral layer.

inclined view
width of view: 620 feet
This view shows cross bedding.

A very good example of an unconformity formed by major
erosion, followed by deposition upon the eroded surface.
width of view: 294 feet

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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  11/5/15

      All views were derived from Google Mars and were originally obtained from
the  United States Geological Survey (USGS), jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
and the University of Arizona.