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              Mars- Mawrth Vallis  
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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  11/10/15

     All views were derived from Google Mars and were originally obtained from the
European Space Agency (ESA
/DLR/FU Berlin)).
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     These are the elevations along the main path of Mawrth Vallis.  The elevations are all
lower than the Mars base level, hence the negative values.  The highest elevation for
Mawrth Vallis is -7210 feet and its lowest point it is -12,375 feet where it flowed into
Chryse Planitia.

     The green lines in the next view represent the minus 7800 foot elevations.  Almost the entire
length of Mawrth Vallis is within the minus 7800 foot elevation contour.  The area between the
channel and the figure 8 feature represents some of the highest elevations in the area and
contains many light-colored deposits.
     At the lowest end of Mawrth Valles (terminus) the channel opens up to a fairly large
flat area (Chryse Planitia).  The green lines represent the minus 12,600 foot elevation level.  The
deepest part of this basin at minus 12,852 feet is only 252 deeper than the rest of the basin. 
The deep point suggests that the possibility of silty material deposited by outflows from Mawrth
Vallis into Chryse Planitia being compressed after evaporation of the water component.