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              Mars- Mawrth Vallis  
        Dunes in High Resolution Strip
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In addition to the light-colored mineral deposits located in the
high resolution strip there is also a large number of small, dark-colored dunes.
     Here is a map of some of the dune locations.  There are thousands
of dunes in this area.  Most of the dunes range in size from 30 feet in
length to 300 feet.

The dunes can be roughly separated into 5 major types:

 attached dunes that are lodged up to topographic high features
wandering dunes that are isolated from other dunes
sets of parallel dunes
complex dunes
ripple dunes in dark-filled "lake" craters
Example of attached dunes
link to collection of examples of attached dunes  (7 views)

Example of wandering dunes
link to collection of examples of wandering dunes  (6 views)

Example of a set of parallel dunes
link to collection of examples of parallel sets of dunes   (7 views)

Example of complex dunes
link to collection of examples of complex dunes   (7 views)

Example of ripples in dark-filled craters
link to collection of examples of ripple dunes  (7 views)

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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  10/27/15

      All views were derived from Google Mars and were originally obtained from
the  United States Geological Survey (USGS), jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
and the University of Arizona.