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              Mars- Mawrth Vallis  
        Craters with Dark-colored Floors
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One of the most eye-catching features in the high resolution strip
is the large number of shallow craters with dark-colored floors
surrounded by light-colored outcrops.  The strong contrast in color
raises the question of "Where did the dark material come from that
fills the craters?".  At first glance, many of these features might look
like actual lakes filled with water, but it just very dark fine grained
material that can be moved and shaped by Martian winds.

     Here is a typical dark-floored crater.

The map below shows the distribution of dark-floored craters in in the
central light-colored portion of the high resolution strip.

North is to the right.
Collection of dark-floored craters
(All of the following views have been photographically enhanced in contrast and
resolution in order to emphasize features.)
(The topographic base upon which the surface photographs were positioned lacked
sufficient resolution in order to derive the depth of the craters.)
crater 1
crater 2

crater 3
crater 4
crater 5

crater 6
crater 7

crater 8
crater 9
crater 10

crater 11
crater 12

crater 13
crater 14
crater 15

crater 16
crater 17

crater 18
crater 19
crater 20
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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  10/30/15

      All views were derived from Google Mars and were originally obtained from
the  United States Geological Survey (USGS), jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
and the University of Arizona.