Distribution Patterns of Martian Craters
                         with Patterned Floors
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Roger Weller, geology instructor ( wellerr@cochise.edu  )
last edited:  6/5/15 

types of features in this study
There are more than 400 craters on Mars that display crater floors
 with complicated patterns.

examples of Martian craters with cracked floors
crater diameter- 20.5 kilometers

  crater diameter- 17 kilometers

crater diameter- 9.7 kilometers

crater diameter- 17 kilometers

planetary distribution of craters with patterned floors

4 views rotating around the planet
Mars centered at 0 degrees longitude (North is at top.)

Mars centered at 90 East latitude

Mars centered at 180 degrees latitude


  Mars centered at 90 degrees west

     Definitely, these craters with patterned floors are restricted to two belts; one at approximately
45 degrees North and the other belt at 45 degrees south.

view of the North pole

view of tipped North pole

view of South pole

view of South pole tipped