Distribution Pattern of Martian Linear Landforms
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Martian Landforms Distribution  Patterns
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Roger Weller, geology instructor ( wellerr@cochise.edu  )
last edited:  6/5/15    


types of features included in this study


1. grabens

   width of view- 40 kilometers

  width of view- 90 kilometers

2. fissures

  width of view- 150 kilometers

3.  catenae (pit crater chains)

  width of view- 39 kilometers

4. wrinkle ridges


5. long linear flow features

planetary distribution patterns of linear features

Mars centered at 90 degrees East (North is at top)

same view in diagram form

Mars centered at -90 degrees West

same view in diagram form

Mars oriented at -113 degrees west to show maximum density of linear features

Mars centered 180 degrees away at 68 degrees East to show minimum density

Contrast between two views is displayed better using diagram formats

Maximum density at -113 degrees West

Minimum density at 68 degrees East