Distribution Pattern of Dark Flow Streaks
                      (Recurring Slope Lineae)   
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Roger Weller, geology instructor ( wellerr@cochise.edu  )
last edited:  6/5/15    

types of features in this study

planetary distribution of dark flow streaks

flow streaks at 0 degrees longitude

flow streaks at 180 degrees longitude
     maximum concentation #1

flow streaks at 180 degrees longitude- schematic format

closer view of maximum concentration #1 of dark flow streaks
Dark flow streaks tend to outline circles.

Another concentration of dark flow streaks occurs around
     30 East longitude (Maximum #2).

The dark flow streaks in maximum #2 trace out a double ring


     Maximum #2 in schematic format

A closer view of the ring structure of maximum #2
     The linear nature of the concentrations is due to the levels of resolution. 
     Areas between the strips lack sufficient resolution to detect dark flow streaks.