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Roger Weller, geology instructor (  )
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types of features in this study
  There are many types of flow features on Mars ranging from less than 1 kilometer
to many hundreds of kilometers in length.  The nature of the nature of material or
materials is still highly debated.  Proposed materials include: water, mud, salty brines,
lava, and pyroclastic flows


  channel flows

  dendritic flow patterns
  width of view- 75 kilometers

  meandering channels
  length of channel- 250 kilometers



  sinuous channels

  teardrop shaped islands

planetary distribution of flow patterns

  Mars oriented at 0 degrees longitude (north is at top.)


Mars oriented at 180 degrees longitude

The maximum concentration of flow features occurs at 45 degrees West.

On the opposite side of Mars at 135 degrees East, there is a minimal concentration.

  The best way to see these differences is look at the flow patterns in a diagram format.

  minimum at 135 degrees East

  In contrast with maximum at 45 degrees West

Finally, here is a closer look at the maximum concentration which is roughly circular.