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 Roger Weller, geology instructor (  last edited:  3/26/15

Views of Named Features
quick, organized access to great views of Mars  
designed to supplement:
Gazetteer Of Planetary Nomenclature
number of views:  2693 

catenae (pit crater chains)  (51)
cavi  (steep-sided hollows)  (59)
chaos  (broken terrain)  (87)                                                                                     
chasma  (chasms)  (69)
colles (hills)  (59)
craters (alphabetically)  (942)
dorsa  (ridges and wrinkle ridges)  (82)
fluctus  (volcanic outflows)  (6)
fossae  (long, narrow depressions)  (186)                   
labes  (landslide debris)  (23)
labyrinthi  (complex of intersecting valleys)  (17)

lingula  (15)
maria  (sea-like)  (25)
mensae (mesas)  (97)
montis  (mountains)  (147)
palus (small plain)  (6)
paterae (irregular craters)  (64)                                                
planitiae  (low plains)  (27)
planum (plateau/ high plain)  (86)
rupes  (scarp)  (42)
scopuli  (lobate or irregular scarps)  (29)
serpens  (large sinuous feature)  (5)
sinus  (bay-like feature)  (10)
sulci  (long, shallow trenches)  (42)
terrae (extensive land masses)  (12)
undae  (dune fields)  (20)
tholi (small domes/hills)  (48)
vallis (valleys)  (419)

vastitas (extensive plain)  (2)
Official designation of Martian features is from
Planetary Nomenclature- Wikipedia
Photos used in these studies are derived from GoogleEarth-Mars.
Primary sources are USGS/NASA/JPL/ University of Arizona and
ESA/DLR/FU Berlin(G.Neukum).
All photos are 800 pixels wide.
Photos have been digitally enhanced in order to emphasize structures.