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Dunes within Craters
near Arena Colles
near Ares Valles
near Aurorae Chaos
near Aurorae Sinus
near Becquerl Crater
near Ceti Mensa                               
near Holden Crater
near Khurli Crater
near Nili Fossae
near Ophir Cavus
near Simud Valles
near Tylus Rupes
near Yanos Regio
in Arda Valles
in Dogana Crater
in Kaiser Crater
in Majuro Crater
in Proctor Crater
in Rabe Crater

Photos used in these studies are derived from GoogleEarth-Mars.
Primary sources are USGS/NASA/JPL/ University of Arizona and
ESA/DLR/FU Berlin(G.Neukum).